Seva Food Bank could not exist without volunteers. Volunteers are an integral part of our team and are essential in providing the best services to the families that we serve. Volunteers work in all aspects of the organization. They assist in policy development, governance, serving clients, and fund development. Their expertise guides us as we move into the future.


OUR PROMISE:Volunteering Image 1

  • To treat you as a co-worker
  • To offer you suitable assignments
  • To train you for your roles
  • To evaluate your performance
  • To give you sound guidance and direction
  • To provide opportunities for promotion
  • To offer a variety of experiences
  • To give your opportunities for input
  • To provide a safe and respectful environment
  • To recognize your contributions


  • To be on time and carry out duties promptly and reliably
  • To give as much notice as possible if they are unable to attend their shift as scheduled
  • To be willing to learn and participate in an in-depth orientation and on-going training
  • To ask questions if they are unsure of anything
  • To have a clear understanding of the needs of the families we serve
  • To respect confidentiality and be loyal to the organization
  • To maintain the organizations’ dignity and integrity with the public
  • To accept the guidance and decisions of the managers or designates
  • To develop strong working relationships with the staff and other volunteers
  • To not engage in behavior that is disrespectful, inappropriate, discriminatory or harassing