Run A Special Event

Please contact the Seva Food Bank at 905-361-7382 if you’d like to organize a special event with your office, school, group, or with friends and family.

These special events could include a food drive or a fundraising events (concert, sporting event, or online challenge).

What is a Food Drive?
A food drive is a concentrated effort to collect non-perishable food in a certain time period. You and/or your organization will work with the Seva Food Bank in coordinating your organization’s food drive. When planning a Food Drive, here are some important questions to ask yourself:

Common Questions to ask yourself before starting a Food Drive:

  1. What dates do you want your Food Drive to occur?
  2. Do you want the Food Drive to have a theme, such as Help the Hungry ?
  3. Do you have containers to put food in or do you need some barrels from the Food Bank?
  4. Where are you going to place your containers to collect food (in each classroom, in the lunch room, in the office, etc.)
  5. How will you let people know about the Food Drive? (daily announcements, flyers, posters, newsletters, etc.)
  6. Will there be an incentive for participants?
  7. Is there a designated person who will deliver the food to the Food Bank or does the Food Bank need to pick up the food at the end of the Food Drive?

7 Easy Steps to a Successful Food Drive

1. Plan Ahead

  • Select a leader or leadership committee to plan the strategy and theme.
  • Determine your drive’s length.
  • Contact the Seva Food Bank to notify us of your food drive.

2. Set a Goal

  • Determine the number of pounds or food items you want to collect; set a goal for each person and multiply this by your total head count.

3. Promote Your Drive

  • Two weeks before the drive, hang posters, pass out flyers, send interoffice emails or use payroll stuffers with the date(s), who will receive the food and what types of food is needed.
  • Contact the Seva Food Bank for any posters or printed materials.

4. Build Awareness and Visibility

  • Arrange for a Seva Food Bank speaker to come to your organization.
  • Ask us for information on hunger and use it in your newsletter.
  • Promote the food drive on your marquee or outside signage.

5. Make It Fun and Simple to Participate

  • Be creative and use existing resources! Any type of sturdy box will work (ex: copier paper box)
  • Boxes can be decorated and encourage participation.
  • Place collection containers in convenient, high-traffic areas of your building.

6. Create Fun Competitions

  • Create categories – largest individual donation, most unusual food, most pounds per department.
  • Themed competitions – “First Floor vs. Second Floor”, “Men vs. Women”
  • Match your employees donations per pound.
  • Give incentives to participate: movie passes, gift certificates, parking spaces, free lunch, casual day, etc.
  • Update employees on the progress of the drive.

7. Celebrate your success

  • Deliver your food to the Seva Food Bank together and watch the pounds add up!!!