What to expect

Many of our clients are first-time visitors to the food bank and often ask us, “What’s it like to come to the food bank?” or “What can I get?”

Some questions you may have are:

1. What kind of food will I get?

We will give you 7-10 days of nutritious food on each visit. This will include both canned/packaged and fresh food like milk, vegetables or meat. As part of the Ontario Association of Food Banks and Food Banks Canada network we are required to provide a similiar selection of foods as would be available at any other food bank.

2. Will I get to choose what kind of food I get?

We try to give some choice in the food provided. You will be asked whether you want peanut butter or not, what kind of beans you want, what kind of canned fish you want, whether you want tea, coffee or hot chocolate, and whether you need supplies for your pets. If you have babies under 1 year, we will also ask you what kind of formula you need and if you need diapers. While all of these supplies are not available every day, we do our best to provide the same things to all clients on each visit.

3. Will it be embarrassing to come to a food bank?

We work very hard to treat all clients with dignity and respect. We speak to you privately regarding your financial situation, and work to make sure your experience at the Seva Food Bank is positive. All different kinds of people from all different walks of life use the food bank, so don’t feel worried that you will be put in an embarrassing situation.

4. What languages do you speak?

We operate in English, however many of our volunteers and staff speak other languages as well. We will try to find someone who speaks your language, but if no one is here, please be patient with us as we use hand gestures and basic English to take your food order. Most of our volunteers will be able to speak Punjabi, Hindi or Urdu.