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September Volunteer of the Month

Volunteer of the Month

Volunteer of the month for September 2016- Kasim Baluch

Recognizing Kasim as the Volunteer of the month for September 2016 is the least we can do to thank him for his loyalty and hard work. For the past two years he has been at our Wolfedale location organizing, serving clients, being a mentor and a role model  to our young volunteers. His kindness has been invaluable. Even when he is not on location , he keeps Seva as a part of his life finding ways to help clients in any way possible. Kasim is the person that you want by your side when life is tough and you need someone to trust and depend on. We are grateful for his strength , character, initiative and energy for stepping up and leading shifts. On the busiest days it is a blessing to finish the shift thinking that everything went smoothly and it is smiles all around. We have Kasim to thank for many of those days. Serving the community is a part of who he is not because he is asked but because he cares.  Seeing his family and friends join us for shifts is so encouraging because it shows that He has brought his family to the Seva Family! Seva Food Bank will always be by your side as you have been here for us!

From Kasim on Volunteering at Seva.

“Seva is everything to me! Over the years, I have volunteered for a variety of organizations including coaching sports teams and helping with Cancer benefits. It has always felt really good to help others, but I have always wanted to make an even bigger impact. This is when Seva came into my life. Seva has provided me the opportunity to work with a more diverse group than I could ever imagine. From our clients, to our volunteers, it is incredible to see individuals of different ethnic backgrounds, religious beliefs, and ages, work together to simply help each other. I have learned so much at Seva. This has included mentoring new volunteers as well as having clients share their stories with me. Every person I meet has something new to teach me. Seva has made such an impact in my life and the lives of others. It is amazing to know that we are not only there to give people food, but also to let them know that they have us as a support system. The people at Seva go above and beyond to make this community a better place and I am incredibly proud of the growth of the Seva community over and past two years and I’m extremely grateful to be a part of such an amazing organization.”


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