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Volunteers of the Month: January 2016

baljeetgurjot Baljeet and Gurjot Bhella have been volunteering together as a sister duo for the past four years at Seva. They have participated in numerous events as well as fundraisers in the past. They are also currently working in and leading a few of the sub-committees, recruiting new volunteers , training them and taking them under their wing. Don’t let their age tell you differently, these ladies are professional!  From leading their own fundraisers to helping out with stocking the shelves back in the warehouse; the Bhella sisters and their every moment spent with Seva to be a blessing for all of us. They believe that there is no better activity to find internal peace and happiness, than volunteering and giving back to their community. Having the sisters as a part of the team meant “problem solved” in every challenge, last minute change!


We can always count on them to get things done, and DONE WELL!

Words cannot express how thankful we are! True leaders!

“We’re absolutely honored and speechless upon the recognition of our time and efforts spent at Seva.We would like to acknowledge and thank all the coordinators, senior volunteers and volunteers we’ve met throughout our journey so far with Seva! Throughout time, we’ve all become a family larger than 200! Through the years, Seva has become an integral part of our lives where coming to a shift feels like we’re at home due to the positive environment.  We hope to inspire others around our age group to also take the initiative to volunteer beyond their 40 hours of community service. We look forward to continuing our journey for many more years to come! Thank you Seva for everything.” (Baljeet & Gurjot Bhella)

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