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There are many ways to support the Seva Food Bank’s efforts to address food insecurity and foster community. Make a difference in the lives of those in need by donating to any of our campaigns. Your support will help us provide nutritious and culturally appropriate food to low-income families, seniors, marginalized youth, and newcomers in our community.

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Dollars for Pounds

We distribute over 100,000 pounds of safe, culturally appropriate food to over 900 vulnerable families. Your donation can make a direct difference in their lives.

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Home Delivery

Help us provide free delivery of food hampers to our most vulnerable clients; who are unable to visit the food bank due to disability or mobility issues.

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Seniors Hot Meals Program

Donate to our hot, ready-to-eat meal program for seniors and help us nourish and uplift the lives of our elderly neighbors in need.

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We seek to ensure equitable access to safe, nutritious and culturally appropriate food to people at risk in the communities we serve. With your support, we can make a lasting impact and build a stronger, more resilient community. 

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