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Continuing Guru Nanak’s Mission

This November, Sikhs around the world celebrate the 541st birthday of Guru Nanak Ji. The first Sikh Guru taught us that the path to enlightenment requires us to make seva, the selfless service of others, a central part of our daily lives. Putting his teachings into practice, Guru Nanak established the langar, a free community kitchen where everyone is welcome and served equally.

Guru Nanak’s core values of seva and sarbat da bhalla, the well being of all, are the foundation of the Seva Food Bank. His life motivates our many dedicated and passionate volunteers to serve their local community every day.

We thank you for your support of the Seva Food Bank. Your continued commitment to our mission directly touches the lives of the many client families who rely on our services every month. In the short time that the Seva Food Bank has been open, hundreds of families have received safe, nutritious and culturally-appropriate food.

So this year, as you reflect on Guru Nanak’s legacy, we ask you to consider getting involved with the Seva Food Bank. Through donating funds, food, and volunteering, we can continue the fight against hunger in our communities and help put Guru Nanak’s teachings into practice.

Thank you again and we wish everyone the very best on the happy occasion of Guru Nanak Ji’s Gurpurab!

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!


Amarpreet, Amritpal, Birender, Gosha, Gurmeet, Inderpreet, Kulvir, Manpreet, and Manraj

Seva Food Bank Organizing Committee

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