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Fundraising Kirtan Darbar

Mississauga’s newest food bank, the Seva Food Bank, is holding a Kirtan Darbar (Sikh prayer ceremony) to raise funds for its summer 2010 launch. The Kirtan Darbar will take place on Sunday June 27th, from 12 to 4 PM on location at the Seva Food Bank (Unit #10, 3413 Wolfedale Rd, Mississauga). Food and refreshments will be served.

The Seva Food Bank has partnered with The Mississauga Food Bank to join the largest bank and distribution program in Mississauga and will be serving over 400 client families each and every month. “Our priority is to provide safe, nutritious and culturally-appropriate food to families in need,” says Seva Food Bank co-founder Gurmeet Singh Ahluwalia. “Our aim with the Kirtan Darbar is to rally Sikh-Canadians in Greater Toronto Area to eliminate hunger in our local community.”

Various world-renowned and local musicians will be performing kirtan (singing of Sikh hymns) at the event, including Bhai Kultar Singh (Delhi), Bhai Onkar Singh (Brantford), Bibi Guneet Kaur, Bhai Jagjit Singh and Gurmeet Singh, and Bibi Ramneek Kaur.

The Seva Food Bank is an initiative of Sikhs Serving Canada, a registered not-for-profit organization whose mission is to positively impact local communities by acting on the basic Sikh tenets of sarbat da bhalla (the well being of all) and seva (selfless service).

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