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Three Years And Counting!

This month the Seva Food Bank celebrates its three year anniversary. As we reflect on everything that the organization has achieved over this time, it is more than obvious that nothing would have been possible had it not been for you – our volunteers, donors, employees and clients.

On behalf of Seva, we would like to thank you for your support and encouragement to continue serving the community. It is through such support that each month we are fortunate to serve 300 – 400 client families, distribute 25,000 lbs of food and proudly say that 125 active volunteers (most of whom are youth) choose to dedicate their time to Seva. It is amazing what we can accomplish when we work together and for one another. The gratitude that we feel towards our community, volunteers, donors and clients is difficult to express in this letter alone. We hope that you share in our success and joy.

While humility is a key value of our organization, there has always been a certain audacity in our ambitions. We wanted to create an institution that could become a legacy for future generations to get involved in the community. A place where individuals could work for the well being of all through acts of selfless service. We also specifically hoped to inspire our youth to have a positive and lifelong impact in their communities. We are honoured to say that we are able to witness these ambitions coming to life at Seva. With all that has been done, we are even more excited as we look to the future.

We are delighted to announce our plans to expand into Malton in the new year! While still focusing on food security, this new facility will serve as a hub connecting community partners to address the issues of poverty reduction and economic renewal. We look forward to sharing more details with you in the coming weeks.

In closing, as we continue the fight against hunger, poverty and economic instability, we ask for your continued financial support. Please consider a tax-deductible donation of $100, $50 or even $20 to the Seva Food Bank. Click here to give. We know your contribution goes a long way!

In gratitude,

Angie, Birender, Brahamjot, Gurmeet, Harbaljit, Kulvir, Manraj, and Mandeep (Seva Food Bank Board of Directors)

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