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Welcome to our 

Community Kitchen!


The Community Teaching Kitchen at Seva Food Bank is committed to ensuring that no one in our community ever has to face hunger. Our observations over the years have revealed that some individuals coming to the food bank specifically request frozen meals or canned goods. This led us to the understanding that certain individuals lacked the opportunity to learn cooking skills due to challenging circumstances, time constraints, or being new to Canada and unfamiliar with the available ingredients.


In collaboration with partners, community stakeholders, and our committed team, we empower clients to prepare healthy and budget-friendly meals using ingredients from the food bank. Our interactive learn to cook, free workshops and culinary training are led by a professional Culinary Chef in our Brampton and Mississauga facilities. By offering a range of nutritious and culturally diverse food choices, we aim to improve food security for families and individuals in our community as well as provide them a platform for socializing and building connections.

Seva's state-of-the-art Kitchen facilities are also available for rent at a reasonable cost. To reserve the space, individuals must possess a Food Handler’s certificate and present their liability insurance. Additionally, all users are required to read and sign our Liability Waiver and Kitchen Terms of Use.

For inquiries about our culinary training, workshops, and commercial kitchen rental services, please feel free to reach out to Manreet Lachhar, Program Coordinator.

905.361.7382 x 101


At Seva Food Bank, we believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to learn and grow.

Whether you're looking to improve your cooking abilities, learn about healthy living, or simply connect with others over a shared love for food, we have something for everyone.

  • Are you a senior looking to enhance your cooking skills? Our cooking classes for seniors are designed just for you.

  • Newcomers to the area can benefit from our training programs tailored to support their integration into the community.

  • In partnership with local organizations, we provide diabetes education in Peel to promote health and wellness within the community.

Our mission is to empower individuals through education and hands-on experience, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to lead a healthy lifestyle.


Don't miss out on our Learn to Cook, Free Training sessions where you can unleash your culinary potential at absolutely no cost. Discover the joys of cooking and let your inner chef shine!


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Community Education

 Our Community Teaching Kitchen has engaged the services of a professional chef who uses nutritious items in the food bank to prepare healthy meals on a lean budget. 

From healthy living workshops for seniors to culinary education for youth, we offer a wide range of programs suitable for all ages and backgrounds. Embark on a culinary journey with our cooking workshops for youth, newcomers, and seniors.

Want to cook simple and nutritious meals?

Client families receive Recipe Cards on their visit to the Food Bank which includes information to the video link, ingredients and cooking instructions. Join us today and let's cook up something amazing together! 

Cooking for Health & Urban Gardening

Our Community Teaching Kitchen regularly organizes workshops that teach fundamentals of cooking to our clients. We aim and hope to create a long term, positive impact on food security for families and individuals in our community. The Cooking for Health and Urban Gardening workshop series provided by the Seva Food Bank in 2021 was offered to participants virtually, via the Zoom platform. 

We worked with a professional chef to offer virtual cooking classes to help community members and food bank users experiencing or are at risk of diabetes or obesity. The sessions were live-streamed and recorded. Resources are available online for general audience, particularly families experiencing poverty or hunger have an opportunity to learn how to make healthy meals.  

Urban Gardening workshops aimed to educate our food bank community on growing and harvesting food. An on-site demonstration garden

showcases how residents can grow good food within their own homes. It also address the simple techniques which can be followed to not only incorporate local food into a healthy diet; but also supplement the increasing costs of food through the use of preservation techniques. 

We thank the Community Foundation of Mississauga a registered charitable public foundation serving the people of Mississauga, for its generous support via the 'Novo Nordisk Diabetes and Obesity – Healthy Mississauga Fund', which has allowed us to host cooking workshops during 2022-23 for members of vulnerable communities. These workshops teach cooking skills to participants and enable them to learn about the fundamentals of healthy cooking and eating, and its impacts on good health.

Join us for healthy cooking classes that inspire creativity and foster a love for good food. Our culinary training, workshops, and commercial kitchen rental services are here to support your culinary aspirations every step of the way.

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