Welcome to our 

Community Kitchen!


Our Community Teaching Kitchen programming at Seva Food Bank Malton is directed by our belief that no one should ever go hungry in our community. Over the years at the food bank, we’ve noticed some clients asking only for frozen meals or canned goods. We discovered that some people grew up in such difficult circumstances that they never really learned how to cook. Or that they were so new to Canada, that so much of the good food we had available was foreign to them. 


We worked to understand the need, design a kitchen to meet the need, and submitted plans to the City for approvals. In summer 2018 the plan was approved and we started construction in fall 2018. Our kitchen was certified in November 2019! Through the Community Teaching Kitchen, we host classes that teach the fundamentals of cooking to our clients with a goal to create a long term, positive impact on food security for families and individuals in our community. 


With the support of our partners and community members, we teach clients how to cook simple and nutritious meals using the affordable ingredients they can find at the food bank. We aspire to work towards a measurable reduction in food insecurity.


Our Kitchen is fully certified and also available for rent for a nominal fee. It has a generous prep space, sinks, one six-burner gas stove with two ovens, a dishwasher, basic kitchen appliances like a blender, microwave, food processor, immersion blender etc. as well as a collection of pots, pans, trays, bowls, knives, cutting boards, etc. 


The kitchen does have two refrigerators and an upright freezer that can be used during the rental period, but there is no on-site storage for equipment or ingredients. You would need to bring all your materials, and take it all with you when you go. You will be responsible for cleaning up after yourself, taking out garbage/compost/recycling, and replacing/repairing anything you break. 


You are required to have your Food Handler’s certificate and your

own liability insurance. We will ask you to review and sign our Liability

Waiver and Kitchen Terms of Use document. 


Please contact our Kitchen Programs Coordinator, Sherine Chacko, to learn more.     905.361.7282 x 8


 Our Community Teaching Kitchen has engaged services of a professional chef who uses nutritious items in the food bank to prepare healthy meals on a lean budget. Client families receive Recipe Cards on their visit to the Food Bank which includes information to the video link, ingredients and cooking instructions.

We gratefully acknowledge the financial support of United Way Food Systems Grant that enabled us to focus on community education. Through the production of these videos, we are able to creatively connect residents living in Mississauga, Ontario, with nutritious, culturally appropriate and affordable food.