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Happy Holidays From The Seva Food Bank!

As we near the end of 2010, we look back at what we’ve been able to accomplish at the Seva Food Bank this year. With an army of supporters behind us and Waheguru’s grace, a group of young Sikh-Canadians have been able to turn a dream into a reality.

In a period of just four months since opening, we’ve been able to accomplish some very special things:

  • Taken over the provision of emergency food for two complete postal codes in Mississauga

  • Had over 800 visits from families in need

  • Distributed well over 50,000 pounds of food

  • Trained and mobilized over a 100 regular volunteers, most of whom are young people under the age of 30

The Seva Food Bank was also meant to be more than just a food bank. In order to start addressing the root causes of poverty, we have ambitious plans for 2011:

  • Stabilize and expand our food bank operations with the addition of paid staff

  • Renovate our site to build out formal offices and a multi-purpose workshop space

  • Undertake a client needs assessment to learn what additional services should be provided through the Seva Food Bank

  • Partner with local social service agencies (education, health, employment, etc) to design and deliver programs tailored to the specific needs of our client families

  • Develop student internship programs to provide formal leadership development opportunities for youth

Imagine how it must feel to be hungry at this time of year, knowing that soon, thousands of families across the Toronto will be sitting down and sharing a meal. The holiday season can be a lonely time for those struggling with hunger. For many of our clients, our food bank provides a place to go for a sense of fellowship, dignity and warmth.

So as you wrap up 2010 and gear up for 2011, we ask that you consider making a contribution to the Seva Food Bank. You’ll not only be helping to provide food to families in need but also be making an investment in an institution focused on developing a new generation of young leaders.

Please make an online donation today here.

Happy holidays,

Seva Food Bank Organizing Committee



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