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Upgraded Warehouse Facility to Help Seva Food Bank Enhance Food Storage and Service Quality

Seva Food Bank is thrilled to announce the successful implementation of the Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF) grant, which has enabled us to install a new HVAC system in our Malton warehouse. This significant upgrade ensures that we can store food more effectively and continue providing high-quality, nutritious, and culturally-appropriate food to the residents of Mississauga.

The installation of the HVAC unit marks a major milestone for Seva Food Bank, addressing a critical need for better food storage and better working conditions. Previously, poor ventilation and the lack of air-conditioning resulted in substantial food spoilage, particularly during the hot summer months. With the new HVAC system, we anticipate a dramatic reduction in food waste, ensuring that more food reaches the families and individuals who depend on our services.

"This grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation has been a game-changer for us," said Manmeet Singh, Operations Manager at Seva Food Bank. "The new HVAC system allows us to maintain optimal storage conditions for food, enhancing both the quality and quantity of our food supplies. This improvement directly benefits our clients, many of whom are low-income families, newcomers, refugees, and individuals facing physical and economic barriers."

Seva Food Bank serves nearly 1,000 families each month, providing them with fresh produce, culturally-appropriate staples, and other essential food items. The HVAC installation also improves the working environment for our dedicated volunteers as well, ensuring they can perform their tasks safely and comfortably.

"We are grateful for the support from the Ontario Trillium Foundation, which has enabled us to strengthen our mission of fighting food insecurity in Mississauga," added Vipin Saini, Executive Director at Seva Food Bank. "This upgrade not only helps us serve our current clients better but also positions us to support more families in the future."

A registered charity since 2011, Seva Food Bank’s mandate is to coordinate and deliver programs that will improve the food security needs of our clients while supporting them in their journey to self-reliance.

The mission of the Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF) is to build healthy and vibrant communities throughout Ontario by investing in community-based initiatives and strengthening the impact of Ontario’s non-profit sector. Visit to learn more.

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a day ago

It's wonderful to see how the Ontario Trillium Foundation grant is making a real difference in the community. Improved food storage means less waste and more resources for those in need.

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