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Priyanka Kapil

Have you ever decided to volunteer somewhere because a t-shirt caught your eye? A year ago, Priyanka Kapil saw a Seva Food Bank volunteer wearing a bright orange t-shirt and it piqued her interest. She googled the organization, attended an information session, and realized for the first time the number of clients who visit food banks each month. She was inspired to volunteer and has been a part of the food bank since.

Priyanka enjoys working with the new people she meets because they are very open and she has learnt things from them that surprise her sometimes. “I have learned how to cook Korean noodles – they are supposed to be cooked in a particular way and I met someone who taught me how!” She enjoys working with the other volunteers because they are also passionate about community activism. The feeling is mutual, Seva Food Bank is grateful to have Priyanka on the team. Volunteer Coordinator Rohit Mehta remarks, “Priyanka is someone who makes volunteering at the Seva Food Bank a lot of fun. She is high-spirited, energetic, and can always be found with a big smile on her face. She is an efficient volunteer, and knows how to keep things moving at the food bank.”

She loves stocking and weighing food, assessing clients in the front office, and being a member of the operations committee. She explained that like herself, a lot of people in the community don’t know how important food banks are and how many clients rely on them. She has been grateful for what she has learned, and explained, “I was at the go station handing out flyers and realized many people don’t know about the role of a food bank. I’ve seen so many clients and have come to realize how vital Seva Food Bank is for local residents.” Priyanka encourages others to attend a volunteer info session to see if volunteering at SFB would appeal to them. She said it feels like being part of a family, and is something that a lot of people would enjoy doing.

Outside the food bank, Priyanka enjoys volunteering for other organizations, working on research projects, tutoring, and biking.


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