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Updated: May 29, 2020

Anjanee came to Seva one afternoon during her lunch to ask how she can help. Her kind nature came through during the interview and I was sure that this lady was here to stay. Our Malton location has grown rapidly and we are so proud of all the wonderful work that is being done during the busiest of shifts. Anjanee has so much to do with the development. She takes the time to help clients with an honest smile and she has no problem rolling her sleeves to organize Thursday’s shipment with the rest of the team. Recognizing her is the least we can do. We want to say a warm thank you and to let her know how much we appreciate seeing her be a part of the family.

From Anjanee:

Wow!! Thank You. I don’t volunteer for recognition but this just goes to show what a great, appreciative and caring group you all are at Seva.

The first time I stepped into the Seva Food bank, I was very impressed by the degree of dedication and professionalism displayed. How they go the extra mile for clients and volunteers alike. Every day I am at Seva I feel that sense of accomplishment. I feel at peace and most of all it feels like one big family working together. I realize that I want to be part of Seva for as long as I can.

The Community, both volunteers and clients, are very fortunate to have this accommodation available to them.

Thank You Seva.

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