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Thank You for Helping Us #DeliverFoodDeliverHope!

Dear friends of Seva Food Bank,

Thank you for your generous donations to our Home Delivery program! With your support, we are currently making ongoing deliveries to 15 families each month and have done a total of 35 home deliveries, with the number of clients requesting home delivery increasing every day. Your donations have helped to make our aspirations for our home delivery program possible.

In terms of next steps for our Home Delivery program, we will create posters and pamphlets to spread the word about our home delivery services in the community. We will start by reaching out to community centres, hospitals and health centres, as well as organizations that support seniors and/or individuals with disabilities. Our goal is to deliver groceries to 40 families every month. Thanks to your support we will also begin to purchase necessary supplies for our program to run smoothly, as well as food for clients with specialized diets. Lastly, we have plans to work together with a Dietitian from Four Corners Health Centre to develop grocery orders for clients with specific dietary needs.

This program is extremely important to Seva Food Bank’s mission because we believe in Sarbat Da Bhalla (“the well being of all”). It is our responsibility to look after our community to ensure no one is left behind. Unfortunately, many of our home delivery clients are socially isolated and often feel left behind.

Beverley is one of our home delivery clients who is receiving medical treatment for Hepatitis C and Cirrhosis of the liver. Upon learning that we can deliver groceries to her each month, she told me, “you just lifted a huge amount of weight off my shoulders”. Your donations have made it possible for clients like Beverley to have hope for the future.

Once again, thank you for contributing to our Home Delivery program. We couldn’t have done it without your support. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me!

Thank you,


Sabina Husain

Client Program Coordinator

Phone: 905-361-7382 ext. 4 | Mobile: 416-996-9117

Seva Food Bank

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