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  • Need an Energy Boost? Try Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5)

      In today’s busy world, many of us often forget the importance of having enough vitamins and minerals in our diet. Lack of complete vitamins affects our bodies tremendously; it can make us tired, feel stressed out and sad. This month we would like to talk about vitamin B5. This

  • Supporting Your Immune System This Winter

    By Baghael Kaur   Winter doesn’t have to be a time of endless colds and flu. By taking a few simple measures, you and your family can get through the winter season healthier than ever!   Dietary Measures:   When it comes to diet, we want to emphasize warming, building

  • What do we really know about Genetically Modified Foods?

    By: Armin S. Our health depends on what we eat. What we eat is something that most of us should know…but do we actually know what we are putting into our bodies? For example, our reliance on Genetically Modified Foods is one that many Canadians do not know about. Currently,