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We're Expanding To Malton!

Seva Food Bank is proud to announce the expansion of their services into the Malton community. The organization is responding to the growing need for a culturally appropriate food security strategy for that community.

“We recognize that food security is a major priority for Malton. We are pleased to be working with Seva in helping them establish a presence there that serves the needs of the local community,” commented Christopher Hatch, Executive Director at The Mississauga Food Bank.

“The team at Seva is ramping up for the expansion. We are currently working with a team of external experts to engage with local leaders and organizations to identify the specific needs of the community and where we can help make a difference,” added Daven Seebarran, Executive Director of Seva Food Bank.

“I met the Seva team about a year ago and instantly knew they were the perfect fit for Malton. Their organization not only feeds families in need, but builds capacity in the community and gives people the tools to make a fresh start,” remarked Bonnie Crombie, Mississauga City Councillor. “They will do great things in Malton.”

Seva Food Bank has secured a large 8000 square foot location in Malton on Slough Street just west of Airport Road. “It was an unexpectedly emotional moment when I got the keys to the new site,” stated Kulvir Singh Gill, Board Chair of Sikhs Serving Canada. “We have been on an amazing journey and now we’re getting ready for the next chapter in the adventure.” Construction at the new site will begin later this year with the first phase of community services commencing in early 2014.

“We are meeting with officials, community members, stakeholders, and community partners to ensure a comprehensive scope of services for our clients. We recognize that hunger does not exist in isolation and we must address these greater factors,” commented Seebarran. He adds, “Seva will continue to focus on food security, but the new facility will afford us the opportunity to act as a community hub and address issues of poverty reduction and economic renewal”.

The Seva Food Bank is an initiative of Sikhs Serving Canada, a registered not-for-profit organization whose mission is to positively impact local communities by acting on the basic Sikh tenets of sarbat da bhalla (the well being of all) and seva (selfless service). Our existing location on Wolfedale Rd services up to 400 families each month, distributing over 25,000 pounds of food.


Daven Seebarran, Executive Director

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